☥ Haunted ☥

Clothes, Hair, Jacket, Jeans, Jewelry, Pose, Shoes

On Alexa: Hair:  =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Suki” Dress:[BREATHE]-Yoko Mini Dress-Pink Rose Shoes: .::Energie::.. Paola  Heels  Baby Pink   Bag On Khronoz:…

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亗 Anaconda 亗

Accesories, Boy, Clothes, Hair, Jacket

Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Evan Non-Rigged Mesh @Geeks and Nerds Sweater: D R O P . Pullover w/Shoulder (Black) Pants: :::LP::: SuperSkinny_Jeans S – Grey Tattoo: .Inhale….

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亗 Ole 亗

Clothes, Jacket, Jeans

Cap:[BENJAMINZ] SNAPBACK Jacket: //Benjaminz//  Xiasumi School Festival Pants: [JuSt CoOl]  Mr. All That – Dark Denim Shoes: /// BENJAMINZ /// SENTRY BOOTS

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☩ Ich Will ☩

Accesories, Boy, Clothes, Girl, Hair, Jacket, Jeans

On Khronoz : Hair:>> Aeros Hair Teghran << Naturals :: basic five Blindfold: ::TI:: Black blindfold –  @TGM Necklace: UNISEX[MANDALA]ONLIEST_Necklace colors* @TMD Jacket: Gideon…

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