☩ Ich Will ☩

Accesories, Boy, Clothes, Girl, Hair, Jacket, Jeans

On Khronoz :

Hair:>> Aeros Hair Teghran << Naturals :: basic five

Blindfold: ::TI:: Black blindfold –  @TGM

Necklace: UNISEX[MANDALA]ONLIEST_Necklace colors* @TMD

Jacket: Gideon Jacket FashionNatic NEW!

Pants: Sothis Male Pants FashionNatic NEW!

Shoes: Angelo Male FashionNatic

On alexa:

Skin: .::WoW Skins::: AnnaBelle @THE HALLOWEEN FAIR

Hair:~*Damselfly*~ Angela @TLC

Headband: :TI:: spike  black bloody @Bloody Horror Fair

Blindfold: ::TI:: Black blindfold –  @TGM

Jacket: Silvana Jacket FashionNatic NEW!

Pants: Nicole Pants  FashionNatic NEW!

Shoes: Heather Female FashionNatic

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